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    The goal of Student Life is to provide students with the total UCR experience. That means supporting opportunities for learning, leadership, community building, and creative expression that go way beyond the classroom. Get involved, join a student org, attend a concert, and see what Student Life has to offer!

    Here for You, Always

    Student Affairs is here to support you throughout the campus closure.



    Catch Highlander Spirit

    Increase your campus pride by learning who our mascot is, how we got the Bell Tower, and why we are called the Highlanders.

    Learn more about school spirit.
    A decorative image of the American flag
    Student Veterans

    Learn about the range of resources we offer to veterans and service members to help them succeed at UCR.

    Learn more about veterans services.
    Three UCR students gather for a study session outside.
    First-Year Students

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    Highlander Orientation Leaders take incoming students on a tour of the UCR campus.
    Highlander Orientation

    Find out how we help new freshman and transfer students transition to UCR and prepare for academic excellence.

    Learn more about Highlander Orientation.

    Take advantage of opportunities to develop leadership skills and contribute to positive change on campus.

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    Members of UCR fraternities and sororities pose together.
    Fraternities and Sororities

    Get to know UCR's officially recognized fraternities and sororities, and various councils.

    Learn more about Greek life.
    Representatives from student organizations greet students at the annual Involvement Fair.
    Join/Start an Organization

    Discover a support network for starting/running a student organization.

    Learn more about student organizations.


    Discover ways to use your education, talent, and skills to give back to your community.

    Learn more about service opportunities.
    Tips for Commuters

    Learn how to meet people, join a carpool, register your bike, and get involved on campus.

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